Why Become a Member?

Members of the Section get an active voice in the direction and activities of the Section, as well as receive communications specific to the practice of Sport & Exercise Medicine. Members also receive opportunities to actively become involved with Section activities through various avenues. Some of the things the Section works on include:

  • Planning and organizing the annual OMA Sport Med conference
  • Participating and lobbying for issues pertaining to the practice of Sport & Exercise Medicine within the OMA
  • Participating and lobbying for issues pertaining to the practice of Sport & Exercise Medicine with the Ministry of Health, such as fee setting, tariff issues, etc
  • Providing education resources for physicians in Ontario
  • Public policy setting and discussion for Sport & Exercise Medicine related issues within province

Any member of the Ontario Medical Association can become a member of the Section on Sport & Exercise Medicine. You must be an active member in any of the categories of the OMA and you must also select “Section on Sport & Exercise Medicine” as either your primary section or secondary on your membership renewal. This can also be done through the OMA at any time during the year. If you select primary member of the section, there is $100.00 that goes directly to the Section. These funds are used by our section for various activities of the Executive such as attending various SEM related meetings, special projects, etc. In the past several years, these funds have allowed us to have a greater presence at numerous meetings and events regarding Section related issues and are a large part of making our Section’s voice and issues heard.

In addition, if you are interested in becoming involved on a more in depth level by joining the Executive, elections for different positions are held on an annual basis. Please feel free to speak to any member of the Executive for more information.

We look forward to having as many members become actively involved with our Section.

To become a member, please contact the OMA or contact one of the members of the current Executive.

How to Log in to This Site

Once you have become a registered member of the Section on Sport & Exercise Medicine (by contacting us above) you may use the following link to register for the ‘Members Only’ section of this site. This area provides access to our Members Directory, the latest news from the Section Executive, as well as minutes from past meetings, negotiation updates and other hot topics.